A child actor turned theatre adult, I grew from a 4-year-old in a Bulgarian Red Cross commercial to a Sarah Lawrence College MFA graduate.

My interests range from collaborative and devised theatre to musical theatre, with occasional detours through improv, traditional acting and comedy.

In addition to performing, I let a childhood love for drawing clothes and making scrapbooks (and now, excessive amounts of Pinterest boards) develop into a passion for costume design.

My playwriting and solo works aim to explore the multicultural lives of young people in today’s world: the study-abroad kids and the immigrants, the marginalized, those who carry the promise of a future they get to shape wrapped in thousands of years of history, tradition, culture and folklore.

I’m also a drag performer. In short, I tend to go wherever there’s a story to tell, and find my way to tell it, regardless of what the method of connecting to an audience in a particular project may be. 

by Boris Urumov